Gary Foulkes - City Social

“Mirror-gilled Angler is found on the buzzy seventh floor of the South Place Hotel, complete with a super-slick interior and an in-demand terrace. Having established itself a name as one of the best seafood restaurants in London, it’s no surprise that the very best produce is hauled in at Angler, foraged from coastlines and shores to develop skilled cookery with more than your average soul.

We were set to sample the tasting menu with matching wines to showcase the best signature dishes from executive chef, Gary Foulkes. To start with the snacks, there was a squid ink cracker with smoked cod’s roe, a marvellous truffle cheese gougere and tartlet with onion purée and chive foam. As some of the highlights of the evening, these amuse bouches had layers of flavour that perfectly matched one another and built with each taste.”

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