Seafood From Scotland

“Working in a Michelin-starred restaurant is every aspiring or experienced chef’s dream. Well, at least it was mine.

With no Michelin-starred restaurants in Shetland, opportunities to eat or work in one are limited. Throughout my career, I’ve picked up most of my cooking ideas and techniques online or from shadowing other chefs, but this has changed thanks to Seafood Scotland and the power of social media.

The world of social media, particularly Instagram – a platform full of aesthetically pleasing images and beautifully placed product – has helped chefs like me gain greater insight into creating what some would call a ‘masterpiece’ on a plate.

I entered Seafood Scotland’s #PrideofPlate competition with the hope of winning a week-long, all expenses paid stage at a Michelin-starred seafood restaurant in London. The overwhelming support and votes I received from people back home (thank you Shetland!), and further afield for my seafood dish, landed me in the UK’s capital a few weeks later.

London. A city with millions of people and thousands of restaurants trying their best to compete with one another. Standing out amongst them was Angler. Holding a Michelin star and specialising in seafood is quite a feat achieved only by the most passionate team of chefs, headed up by world-renowned chef, Gary Foulkes.

Everything in the kitchen at Angler is planned to perfection and great precision is taken to release every flavour molecule from the ingredients used. I was shown in detail how best to prepare each dish, including Orkney scallops, and was encouraged to taste every ingredient and experience the fusion of these flavours coming together. ”

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