The Hindu

Three celebrity chefs in Delhi

This is Gary’s third visit to India; he stayed here the longest when on a three-year trip around the world with his wife. “Most of my inspiration comes from travel,” he says. He picks up the nuances of ingredients, and uses them for their flavour profiles, without actually cooking that cuisine. For instance, he’ll infuse curry leaf into a roasted cauliflower with cashewnut milk and curd, to give it a different “flavour spectrum”. There’s also a cashewnut pesto he does, with curry leaves, salt, pepper, and olive oil.

His style of cooking he says, is “tasty, light, rooted in classic cooking techniques but delivered in a modern way, but it’s all about flavour.” At his dinner, “Expect big flavour, presentation — it’s very important to me that food looks as good as it tastes. It should be delicious,” he says. While his king fish and lamb will be similar, the menu is based around what’s of prime quality in India.

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