The Upcoming

It’s so easy to spend money in the City. There are offices, restaurants and bars. The average income is way higher than anywhere else in London and after 6pm drinks and food are literally the only way to spend money – and disconnect. What is not equally easy is finding good food, especially good food that is not a steak.

Angler sits at the top of South Place Hotel. From the 7th floor, it is high enough to make it feel exclusive. You can even see people still at their desks in the neighbouring buildings eating sad takeaway meals and appreciate your comfort even more.

Chef Gary Foulkes, a former right-hand man of Philip Howard, has conceived a seafood-focused menu, without making it solely a fish restaurant. The dining room is structured lengthways, along ceiling-high windows. The atmosphere is very “top City restaurant”, like the Gherkin’s or Tower 42’s – without the breathtaking view.

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