Mango Pavlova

Mango Pavlova
Serves 6
Prepare a day in advance

For the Meringue
200g Sugar
100g Egg whites (3 eggs)
100ml Water

1) Heat the sugar and the water to 121°C and pour the mixture into semi whipped egg whites, making sure that the whites are still getting whipped to form an Italian meringue.
2) Pipe the mixture with a plain nozzle to create 6 individual large round domes.
3) Press with a spoon to make an indented hole inside the dome.
4) Dry at 80°C in a low oven until set but still soft in the middle.

For the Coconut Cream
Part 1- to be prepared the night before
500g Coconut purée
500g Double cream
200g Egg yolks (3 eggs)
50g Caster sugar
8 Leaves of gelatine

1)      Place the coconut purée and double cream into a pan and bring to the boil.
2)      Mix the egg yolks and sugar together and pour over the warm coconut mix.
3)      Cook to 82°C and then add the gelatine leaves, pass and chill over ice for the evening.

Part 2
100ml Crème fraiche
100g Coconut purée
Juice of 1 lime
10ml Coconut liqueur

1)      Whip the set coconut cream prepared in Part 1.
2)      Add the crème fraiche, coconut purée and then season to taste with the coconut liqueur and lime juice.

For the Mango Purée
250g Mango purée
2.5g Agar-agar powder

1)      Heat the agar-agar powder and the mango purée to 100°C in a pan over a high heat.
2)      Leave to chill until completely set.
3)      Blitz in a blender until smooth and season with lime juice and icing sugar if needed.

For the Yoghurt Ice Cream
1kg Greek yoghurt
60g Yoghurt powder
700ml Water
250g Caster sugar
100g Trimoline

1)      Heat up the water, trimoline and the sugar until the sugar is dissolved.
2)      Add the yoghurt and yoghurt powder and then mix together with a hand blender.
3)      Leave to cool and then churn.

For the Mango Tuile
400g Isomalt sugar
300g Fondant
300g Glucose syrup
Mango powder (see method below)

1) Combine all ingredients and warm slightly over a low heat at 160°C.
2) Pour the mixture onto greaseproof paper and leave to cool.
3) Once set blitz to a fine powder and sieve onto a non-stick mat.
4) Place in the oven at 150°C for 4 minutes and then sprinkle in the mango powder.

For the Mango Powder – to be prepared the night before
250g Mango purée
Yoghurt acid
1) Leave purée out overnight to dry
2) Blitz and season with yoghurt acid

To serve
Yoghurt ice cream
Mango tuile
Mango purée
Coconut cream
Fresh mangos

1) Pipe the coconut cream into the meringue shells and in the centre of the shell add a small well of mango purée.
2) Dice the fresh mango and arrange into the centre of the meringue.
3) Place a scoop of the yogurt ice cream on top of the meringue shell and garnish with the mango sugar tuile.
4) Serve the mango pavlovas immediately.