Evening Standard

“At a spirited awards ceremony in Waterloo’s BFI IMAX cinema, Michelin are announcing the restaurants that have made this year’s UK guide, which will be officially published on Friday October 5. Below are London’s 2019 results, listed live as they come in.

The guide means different things to different people: to some chefs and restaurants, an inclusion in the big red book is a coveted honour, proof of having ‘made it’. Many young chefs chase them as the ultimate accolade and its long been this way: in 1999, Channel 4 series Boiling Point followed Gordon Ramsay as he tried to make the difficult leap from two to three stars: Ramsay, in a near rage, demoted two Chef de Parties to commis as he sweated his way through the evening’s service.

To others, its an irrelevance, just another write-up that means little more than bragging rights. Some consider them a burden: earlier this year, in January, the guide didn’t include Sebastian Bras’ Le Suquet in their French edition after he asked them not to, citing the stress of cooking for inspectors. Bras had held three stars for 18 years, and it was the first time ever the guide made an omission upon request.”

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