A White Christmas at Angler

What: The City’s acclaimed fish restaurant has maintained its Michelin star for the fifth year in a row, so to celebrate it has invited Moët & Chandon to oversee the festivities on its seventh-floor rooftop bar. Think Ibiza meets the North Pole as it embraces an all-white theme, and don’t let the thought of a mid-winter rooftop dampen the party spirit: the terrace is heated and can be enclosed from the elements.

To drink: Moët, Moët and more Moët: choose from Brut Impérial NV, Rosé Impérial or the 2009 Vintage, by the glass and bottle, or champagne cocktails including the French Kiss: Moët & Chandon Brut mixed with Hennessy VS, apricot brandy liqueur, Angostura bitters and blackcurrant jam.

To eat: Can small plates also be hearty? Angler thinks so, promising to stave off champagne-fuelled starvation with pigs-in-blanket croquettes, curried Bratwurst and Hoisin duck flatbread.

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