The Handbook

“Angler, the Michelin-starred seafood paradise at the top of the South Place Hotel have launched a non-alcoholic pairing menu specially for Dry January.

Working with Seedlip (who else?), Executive Chef Gary Foulkes has created a three course menu that combines dishes like Cornish mackerel tartare, oyster cream, apple and shiso, with a sweet and sour short drink made from Seedlip Garden 108, shiso vinegar, lime juice and apple juice. The main, a Cornish red gurnard, potimarron, spiced pumpkin, buttermilk comes with a long drink made from homemade pumpkin juice, infused with ginger vinegar, Seedlip spice 94, and shaken with egg. And it’s not over yet, pudding, a Yorkshire rhubarb tart, Brillat-Savarin cream, stem ginger, and basil will be paired with a cocktail made from Rhubarb juice, baby Greek basil syrup and Seedlip Grove 42, topped with a light elderflower and rhubarb foam.”

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